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Korean Jindos are one of three aboriginal breeds of dogs that have been designated as Natural Treasures by the Korean Government. The other two breeds are Pungsan (Poongsan) and Sapsal Gaes.

 Korean Jindos - Pictures
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An original, wild breed from Jindo Island in Korea, the Korean Jindo dog, also known as the Chindo, or Jindo Gae, is internationally protected as a Natural Treasure. Without mankind's intervention, this dog survived many centuries on it's own. It is not known how the dogs first got to Jindo Island. Only the white and the yellow Jindos are a protected species, although the Jindo comes in many colours: white, black, yellow (fawn), brindle or black and tan. Immigrants have been bringing them to North America for more than two decades even though it is illegal to export Jindos from Korea.

Korean Jindos - As Pets

A Jindo has been known to return to its original abode, however far away it has been relocated. So great thought needs to be undertaken before committing oneself to ownership.

Jindos, as pets, are a rare sight. Though these dogs can be extremely loyal to its owners and are said to be very devoted, they need to be in the right mood to display warm feelings. In fact, the Jindo dog can be hard to manage sometimes. The breed is willful and tends to have things done in its own way.

Korean Jindos - In the Wild

In the wild, Korean Jindo dogs gather in packs. When in packs, they can hunt large animals such as the wild boar and roe deer. Korean Jindos have strong hunting instincts and have good physical characteristics that allow them to survive without man's assistance.

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Puppies that come from breeders usually look well-groomed in photos.

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